OTF Studio Workshop Tegernsee

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OTF Studio workshop will be held at the hotel Terrassenhof in Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee, Germany

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22.05.2024 - 24.05.2024 (registration is closed)

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28.10.2024 - 30.10.2024

Next OTF Studio workshop will be held in L√ľneburg, Germany. Pre-registration is now opened via e-mail: i.langbein@gmx.de or support@otfstudio.com.

 Periodic multilayers with shifted ratios of high and low index layers in the half-wave pairs

Notch small1

Fig. 1. Schematic representation of a quasi-notch filter exhibiting high-reflection zone HR centered around a central wavelength $\lambda_0$.  There are two possible structures S1 and S2.

Here you can estimate reflectance at central wavelength and width of HR zones of the quasi-notch filters of different structures (s-polarization case). Input the parameters required for calculations:

Fraction of quarter wave p (0.0-1.0):   =    Central wavelength (100 nm - 25000 nm) nm    Number of layer pairs: m   =

Refractive indices of layer materials: n1  = n2  = Substrate refractive index: ns  = Angle of incidence (0-89 degrees): degrees

Michael Trubetskov is winner of all recent optical interference coatings design contests

Network:  optence grau rot