OTF Studio Workshop Tegernsee

Workshop schedule

OTF Studio workshop will be held at the hotel Terrassenhof in Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee, Germany

Save the date:

22.05.2024 - 24.05.2024 (registration is closed)

Save the date:

28.10.2024 - 30.10.2024

Next OTF Studio workshop will be held in L√ľneburg, Germany. Pre-registration is now opened via e-mail: i.langbein@gmx.de or support@otfstudio.com.

New features, updates, and bug fix are here.

The most recent: Plotting enhanced;

Diabatic and logarithmic scales in evaluation plots.


Downloads: OTF Studio Thin Film Software and taReo

Please be informed about new features in the Development history

Here you can download OTF Studio Thin Film Software and taReo software. To download the software you need a valid UserID.

OTF Studio Thin Film Software for design, characterization, and monitoring of interference opical coatings.

OTF Studio Version 24.18, 64bit
April 24, 2024

OTF Studio Version 24.18, 32bit
April 24, 2024

 taReo is a software tool for automation of thin film deposition.

taReo Version 24.15, 64bit
April 1, 2024

taReo Version 24.15, 32bit
April 1, 2024

Previous versions:

OTF Studio v.24.15, 64bit

OTF Studio v.24.15, 32bit

OTF Studio v.24.12, 64bit

OTF Studio v.24.12, 32bit

OTF Studio v.24.10, 64bit

OTF Studio v.24.10, 32bit

If you are interested in our software, please get in touch with our authorized distribution partners. If you are outside of the distributor regions below, please contact directly OTF Studio.




  • In Europe:

    Dr. Burkhard Kolb

    E-mail i.langbein@gmx.de

    Phone +49(0) 6171 286 33 05.

  • In Japan:

    Mr. Yasunari Onizaki

    E-Mail: y-onizaki@caywan.com

    Phone: +81-90-8321-7341

    • In the United States of America and Canada

      Dr. Vladislav Matusevich, Mr. Ian McNee

      E-Mail: sales@oregon-photonics.com

      Phone: +1 208 890 7809

    • In South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

      Mr. Tadashi Watanabe

      E-Mail: tadashi.watanabe@douhagiken.com

      Phone: +81-90-3558-5986

      Michael Trubetskov is winner of all recent optical interference coatings design contests

      Network:  optence grau rot