OTF Studio Workshop Tegernsee

Workshop schedule

OTF Studio workshop will be held at the hotel Terrassenhof in Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee, Germany

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22.05.2024 - 24.05.2024 (registration is closed)

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28.10.2024 - 30.10.2024

Next OTF Studio workshop will be held in L√ľneburg, Germany. Pre-registration is now opened via e-mail: i.langbein@gmx.de or support@otfstudio.com.

mid-infrared dispersive mirrors estimations

Here you can estimate GD variation accumulated of your system and the bandwidth. Also, you can estimate the required total physical thickness and the thickness of the thickest layer. Below you will see the the domain of admissible parameters (grey area) and your specification (red spot). Please input parameters required for calculations: spectral range, substrates/windows thicknesses (you can check multiple substrates/window according to your laser setup), and number of bounces.

λl  = μm   λu  = μm   Number of bounces   =

ds  = mm   ds  = mm   ds  = mm   ds  = mm  

ds  = mm    ds  = mm   ds  = mm   ds  = mm  

ds  = mm   ds  = mm   ds  = mm   ds  = mm  

We hope that these estimations are useful for you. If you need some other substrates/windows to be included to the list, please contact us and we implement them.

Michael Trubetskov is winner of all recent optical interference coatings design contests

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