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      • Thin Film Software

      • We present our new OTF Studio Thin Film Software® for design, analysis, monitoring, and post-production characterization of multilayer optical coatings.

      • Our software product taReo is an advanced software tool specifically developed to assist in the production of multilayer optical coatings within deposition chambers equipped with broadband optical monitoring.
      • Customer-oriented projects

        • Our expertise lies in creating software tailored to meet the needs of our customers, specifically in the areas of design, characterization, simulation, and implementation in real production environments.
        • We have the ability to propose design solutions that are production-friendly and meet the requirements of actual deposition environments.
        • Collaboration opportunities with other companies or academic institutes are also welcomed as we are open to engaging in joint projects.

          • OTF Studio offers consulting services for thin-film design, characterization, and implementation of our software in real production environment. Our expertise covers the design of optical coatings for various applications, ranging from laser technologies to architectural glass.
          • Our range of services includes on-demand consulting, workshops, and training programs in the field of thin film design and characterization.
          • Additionally, we conduct characterization of single layers and multilayer coatings using spectral photometric and ellipsometric techniques.

          Workshop schedule

          OTF Studio workshop will be held at the hotel Terrassenhof in Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee, Germany

          Save the date:

          22.05.2024 - 24.05.2024

          Michael Trubetskov is winner of all recent optical interference coatings design contests

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