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    • New version 24.22 is released

        OTF Studio Workshop

      • Location: Bad Wiessee (Tegernsee, Germany)

      • Dates: 22.05.2024-24.05.2024 (Registration is closed)

      • The workshop is tailored for optical coatings engineers, scientists, students, PhD students, and technicians who are engaged in the design, characterization, monitoring, production, and development of optical thin films.
      • Important information and agenda are here.
      • We look forward to see you at the workshop!

      • Next OTF Studio workshop will be held in Lüneburg, Germany. Pre-registration is now opened via e-mail: i.langbein@gmx.de or support@otfstudio.com. Dates: 28.10.2024 - 30.10.2024
        • Thin Film Software

        • We present our new OTF Studio® Thin Film Software for design, analysis, monitoring, and post-production characterization of multilayer optical coatings.

        • Our software product taReo is an advanced software tool specifically developed to assist in the production of multilayer optical coatings within deposition chambers equipped with broadband optical monitoring.
        • New features are being developed. Please visit development history for more information.

        • Customer-oriented projects

          • Our expertise lies in creating software tailored to meet the needs of our customers, specifically in the areas of design, characterization, simulation, and implementation in real production environments.
          • We have the ability to propose design solutions that are production-friendly and meet the requirements of actual deposition environments.
          • Collaboration opportunities with other companies or academic institutes are also welcomed as we are open to engaging in joint projects.

            • OTF Studio offers consulting services for thin-film design, characterization, and implementation of our software in real production environment. Our expertise covers the design of optical coatings for various applications, ranging from laser technologies to architectural glass.
            • Our range of services includes on-demand consulting, workshops, and training programs in the field of thin film design and characterization.
            • Additionally, we conduct characterization of single layers and multilayer coatings using spectral photometric and ellipsometric techniques.

            New features, updates, and bug fix are here.

            The most recent: Evaluation and interactive analysis of  U- and g-values for architecture glass is implemented.

            Michael Trubetskov is winner of all recent optical interference coatings design contests

            Network:  optence grau rot

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